Cricket 19: EHTL Fortnightly – Danish Delight and Hong Kong Hammering!

Hong Kong vs Germany Kowloon.jpg

The Eastern Hemisphere Test League is all about spreading the beautiful game of cricket across the world and giving smaller nations exposure to the top levels of the game and mixing it in with the best. Hong Kong vs Germany pulled in record crowds of over 4,000 supporters as both nations made their Test debuts at the Kowloon ground. Throughout the 2 days of cricket, the supporters were treated to plenty of wickets and exciting action which will set the tone for the rest of the competition.

Mohammad Ghazanfar 5-17 from 6

England beware – Mohammad Ghazanfar is in deadly form! A ripping display of fast bowling decimated the middle to lower order of the Germans batting as they were rolled out for 63. Targeting the pads, Ghazanfar used his probing lines and lengths to assists Germany’s collapse from 34-3 to 63 all out! Tanveer Ahmed (117) proved the pitch wasn’t as bad as the Germans batting display showed and held the Hong Kong first innings together to guide them to 307 before bowling Germany out for 63. Unsurprisingly, the Germans were sent in for a second dig on a free admission second day’s play and fared slightly better scoring 96 all out. Spinner Ehsan Khan took figures of 9 – 5 – 11 – 5 and was well supported by other seamer Ehsan Nawaz 9.4 – 0 – 53 – 5. All rounder Craig Meschede (18 + 23) and opener Amir Mangal ( 10 + 12) were the only two batsman to pass double figures in both innings as their were 6 ducks for the Germans.

Hong Kong vs Germany Scorecard

A thumping win for Hong Kong who travel to Lords to play England whilst Germany head back to the nets to score some more runs!

Denmark vs Fiji Hammerby Arena

The Hammerby Arena also became a new Test ground as nations Denmark and Fiji contested in an entertaining and exciting match over the course of 2 days. Spinner Yash Christian 3-22 and seamer Victor Kuipers 3-43 gave the hosts the upper hand as Fiji were bowled out for 151 in the opening two sessions – credit due to top scorer Sakiusa Dokosobau’s 123 ball vigil for 37.

Villiame Manakiwai 5 for 37 from 11.1.jpg

Fiji exploited the first day bowling conditions and promptly bowled out Denmark for 166 yielding just a slender 15 run lead for the hosts. Seamer Villaime Manakiwai bowled superbly and led the Danish collapse of the lower order with some precise lengths and lines. However, the free admission crowd on Day 2 for all (well done EHTL administrators) witnessed some fantastic bowling and abysmal batting as Fiji crumbled to 67 all out incidentally the 4th score of under 100 across the league. Christian yet again starred with 3-13 as only Sekove Ravoka (13) and Karan Kumar (10) passed double figures as bowling headlined the first round of fixtures.

Denmark had struggled early on in the chase of 54 falling to 20-3 at the hands of Manakiwai (3-25) but it was English county cricket regulars Vasconcellos and Tattersall who guided the Danish home in front of their jubilant home fans. Both teams played a fair and tough contest and the score line doesn’t represent well how Fiji played.

Denmark vs Fiji scorecard.jpg

Yorkshire’s Jonny Tattersall played two important knocks of 62 and 15* to give Denmark their first ever Test match victory. 

Following our (England) 4 wicket victory at the expense of Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong’s Tanveer Ahmed leads the batting statistics from his only innings of 117. Luke Wells is our leading run scorer after his Test debut whilst Stuart Broad (9 wickets) tops the chart narrowly ahead of Fiji seamer Manakiwai (8 wickets). The EHTL prides itself on bringing through the lesser and new nations and giving them a taste of Test cricket and providing a platform to expand International cricket and the game itself. It is pleasantly encouraging to see players like Manakiwai go toe to toe with the likes of the highly respected and brilliant Broad. As a team, I am delighted we decided to participate in this competition and we hope to bring home the glory come the finals stage.

Round 1 Table.jpg

Papua New Guinea will look to bounce back from their narrow 4 wicket defeat against England and head towards home advantage at Port Moresby against Fiji – the battle of the bottom two. Bochum ground becomes the first ever ground in Germany to host a cricket match let alone a Test match as the Germans will look to exploit and face their new conditions and ground to land victory against the delighted Danish side. Finally, England will lock horns with Hong Kong as Lords holds its second EHTL match (a fixtures bug of England home stadiums). Sam Curran and Stuart Broad will no doubt be aiming to take more wickets in the absence of Anderson whilst captain Joe Root leads the batting ranks.

Thanks for the continued support!

7 thoughts on “Cricket 19: EHTL Fortnightly – Danish Delight and Hong Kong Hammering!

  1. You can change the stadium when you the play the match. Often you have a few matches in a row at the sane ground but just change it on that big panel of squares (Match settings is it?) before each match. It will still say the original ground when you save and load but it will be held at the ground you choose.

    Jonny Tattersall comes from the same town as me. Interested to know how he qualified for Denmark.

    How did you get in game pics. Are you playing/watching every game?

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    1. I simulate the other matches without any of my influence or control because I select their strongest teams after I downloaded their best teams.

      I have no clue how Tattersall qualifies for Denmark and I will definitely look in to that especially if he performs well against us.

      I didn’t know that and I will definitely change that for the 4th game we play as I have already started the Hong Kong match. Thank you very much you are a life saver for my fixture problems. I will look into the match settings before the match and thinking about it I now know where it is.

      That is brilliant thank you so now we don’t have to keep playing at Lords!

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      1. As per usual, having written something vaguely resembling a poem and tagged it under poetry, I’m getting far more blog traffic than any of my actual cricket articles ever do… so you know what to do if you want to get more hits! How’s your haiku?

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      2. I don’t want to sound needy or pushing but would it be ok for you to check out the first EHTL match report against Papua New Guinea? Do you have any tips for me about my writing and style as I am still new and just basing it off my own opinion and small modifications of others details.


      3. I think that it reads smoothly without too much repetition. I always try to alternate between for example: season, campaign and year to avoid repetitiveness.

        Obviously we’re both writing about goings on in the world of cricket and match reports. We’re certainly not the only people doing this though we may be some of the only few writing about matches that happened in virtuality not reality! What’s important is that we find our own voice, that we try to imprint our own style or angle without it sounding too forced. I think that I did that well initially but am trying to up it again as I feel that my writing may have become ordinary and predictable.

        It’s a big ask to write about every single wicket that falls in a Test match so make sure that you’re enjoying doing the write-up, whether it’s as you go or making notes and writing the report after. Don’t let it detract from playing the game. If you want to do some skimpier reports or even none at all for a few matches that’s fine.

        Computer games and gaming in general get a bad rap from some people but we’re not shooting people or stealing cars (Well I’m not anyway!) and we’re exploring the English language and being creative. It may be fantasy but it’s not unhealthy.

        It was a good write-up, like I say, it reads well. Key thing from my experience is to find some originality in your writing. Also enhance your language, not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with yours but to avoid going stale, if you’ve written give would provide be better, could the ball be an iron red orb or a rustic red ball, could the stadium be a theatre etc? Mix it up but again it needs to sound natural. I was really hamming it up in some of my early stuff and laughing at what I was writing.

        In short, tell the reader what’s happened but add some appropriate flair to make yourself stand out from being any old report or just being a long list of ‘this wicket, that wicket’.

        To be clear, I do think this write-up was more your own voice than your earlier stuff and flowed perfectly well and was appropriately informative.

        Disclaimer: I got a grade D in English GCSE twice…

        …before getting a college high A grade… aged about 29!

        I’m not sure that qualifies me to give writing tips but like many things writing is something I enjoy but discovered after my school days. I’ve dabbled in hiking poetry in the past and am glad to have found a creative medium to explore language even if it’s a rather niche and specific topic. A little secret as well… I’m 33,000 words into a cricket based novel but have stalled a bit!

        Are you wanting to do sports journalism or something similar at university or just hoping that Cricinfo will see your articles and snap you up or…

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  2. Thank you very much for that I really appreciate it and the time you spent writing that was well worth it as all the information, tips and guidance you have given to me from your vast experience.
    I will certainly look at changing things up and not being too repetitive with my words and phrases – I was manually editing along the way.
    Having our own voice is crucial as you say and initially I was probably taking too much out of others peoples work including yours and needed to find my own style of writing which will interest the reader and show my own style.

    As you say you have to enjoy write ups and I do but I only do it as a secondary fun thing to do and not as my main priority as I want to fully enjoy the game and I don’t think about the blog or posts or anything like that when I am playing. I do small notes on each game e.g. in career mode when I come into bat or bowl the score at a certain session/period but not pages and pages of course.

    We are definitely not shooting people and stealing cars in my opinion and I agree that it has to be different and not just the bog standard English language and we have to make fancy and to our style but not in terrible and unfamiliar way.

    Its interesting to hear you say you laughed at your previous work because I hated some of my early work because I hadn’t got the right tone, good picture quality or any originality. Now, I think I am starting to find my originality and my own style/tone to writing but it is still a work in progress. My originality stems from using time journeys in career mode to my match analysis which I think improves my piece. At the start of this blog, I took a lot of ideas and phrases which I deplore now and hate myself for doing so but I really loved your quirkness and work you did which inspired me to start a blog and restart my virtual cricket career.

    I will look at extending and enhancing my language and vocabulary which you do very well. Thank you for saying that it flowed well and was informative I took much longer on it and really enjoyed doing it but I do need to do my write ups closer to the time I finish the game but other life factors get in the way. I don’t get posts out regularly so when I do do them I would like them to stand out and be interesting.

    It doesn’t bother me at all that you got a D in GSCE( I am hoping to pass…) and all of the response I will take on and think carefully and hard about each and every time I post. I have enjoyed writing but also things that are virtual and not real and making up smaller sub stories and plots (I use my selection and EHTL weekly to showcase that).

    Good luck with your novel you are doing fantastically and have completed a lot of words. I am very unsure on what I want to do at college and university with playing sport and coaching my preffered ideas but doing sports journalism has always been an idea I have liked.
    And if Cricinfo are reading I AM AVAILABLE!!

    Thank you a lot for this response I really do appreciate all of this great and informative advice from some one I was idolosing when I started this blog to now gaining experience and advice to improve my blog.

    I can’t thank you enough.


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